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About US

We’re here to maximize
your greatness.

There’s a certain peace that comes with knowing you’re in the right hands. From home and auto insurance to healthcare providers and the food we buy… it all comes down to trust. Doesn’t your brand or business deserve the same?

That’s why we’re here. 

TAKE4 - Atlanta creative and production agency

We’re John, Melanie, and Jessica…
and we live to serve.

We’re a small but mighty team from Atlanta, GA and we serve clients all over the globe in dozens of markets. We bring a variety of life and professional experiences to the table and collaborate on a daily for one sole purpose: to serve our clients. Customer service has long been forgotten but not by this team. In 2018, John had a vision to reach beyond digital offerings and start bringing all of the outsourced production work he was brokering in-house. What started as a DTG printing company has now turned into a full blown creative experience agency.


We build brands, offer unmatched design services, produce amazing products for our clients, and then help them market them. Every day is an adventure here and is always filled with variety. We’ve faced our fair share of hurdles, speed bumps, and even ruts – but it never keeps us down. We keep our chins up and our eyes faced forward and strive to inspire our friends, clients, and other small business owners to pursue their passions and don’t ever give up.


John "JR" Hamon

John "JR" Hamon

Founder & Creative Director

John’s an experienced brand strategist, UX/UI designer, illustrator, and lettering artist with nearly 20 years of professional experience. From building comprehensive brands to designing everything you’re looking at right now, he lives, eats, and breathes design.

John builds nearly everything in his life from scratch, is a serial entrepreneur, enjoys weightlifting, and spending time with his wife and twin girls in his downtime.

Jessica Durrance

Jessica Durrance

Operations | Design | Production

Jessica is our in-house “Swiss Army Knife.” When she’s not assisting John with design or Melanie with production, she is answering emails, managing our Etsy stores, managing client accounts, and handling all customer service needs. We still don’t know how she does it…

When Jessica isn’t in the barn working with the team, you can find her spending time with her husband, Shane, and their sweet pup: RifferD.

Melanie Schultz

Melanie Schultz

Production | Customer Service

Melanie is a veteran in the printing game. She joined John back in 2019 after retiring from her 17-year-long corporate job. She manages all apparel production and assists Jessica with customer service and administrative needs.

When she’s not laying ink down, Melanie enjoys a nice quiet life with her husband in north Atlanta with their dog, Cody. She enjoys playing the role of Snow White at the TAKE4 compound by alluring woodland creatures and birds with an abundance of snacks.

Our Philosophy

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy and definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. We’ve shared the heartache with others who wanted to chase their dream. We’ve had doors shut, clients leave us hanging, and team members give up on their passion over the years. Our team has made our fair share of mistakes and they won’t be our last but what we have that we DRIVE into the minds of our clients is heart.

So many people hit a roadblock, lose faith in themselves, and are driven away by fear. We made a decision to never give up on our goals, dreams, and passions and that’s why we are still here.

The best path is the hardest earned but… freedom feels great. Are you looking to pursue YOUR passion and need to pick some brains? We’re here and we’ll help you plan, build, and market your vision. Just make the decision now:

Don’t ever give up.

Our Values

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Clients Come First

We know, we know – it’s a bit overstated but we mean it. Our clients come first. We go above and beyond to do the right thing, no matter the circumstances. We aren’t perfect but we always strive to minimize mistakes and oversights and are committed to customer service to maximize our opportunity to keep you as a client for life.

Operate with Integrity

If there’s one thing you will learn about us (or have already), it’s our unbreakable spirit and integrity-fueled drive. Our clients put trust in us for their branding, design, production, and marketing needs and that matters to us. Without integrity, it’s just graphics and printing.

Value Over Volume

This one’s important. The old saying – “quality over quantity” also applies here. We are ALWAYS in high demand but will never sacrifice the quality of our work to meet a deadline. We take our work seriously and strive to minimize factors that could interrupt a deliverable or deadline. If our work isn’t bringing value to our clients then, well, we fail.

And we don’t fail.


TAKE4 - Atlanta creative experience agency


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